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Just because you aren’t where they are , dosen’t mean you don’t have ‘What it takes ‘.

Make more moves and less announcements.

Your eyes show the strength of your soul.

My biggest dream is to look back and say ‘i made it’.

The wrong people always teach you the right life lessons .


I never lose . I either win or learn.

Knowledge …Creates Confidence. which creates ideas. Which creates Goals . Which creates success.

No one is ever ‘Too Busy’ you’re just not their first priority .

Failure dosen’t mean game over…. It means try again with experience .

One day i won’t have to think twice about price .

If hard work equaled wealth , there would be alot more wealthy people . Work smarter before harder .

I respect someone who respects me , When i’m not around .

A winning mindest isn’t just a decision . It’s a daily practice .

Whatever you decide to do , Make sure it makes you happy .

I admire people who choose to smile after all the things they have been through .

You know one of the most expensive things You should ever do it pay attension to the wrong people .


An intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than he is .


1. You don’t find your worth in a man . you find your worth within yourself and then find a man who’s worthy of you . Remember that.

2. Smiling is the best face every problem , to crush every fear , to hide every pain.

3. My disorders does not defines me.

4. Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself .

5. acceptance of yourself is far more important than acceptance from others .

6. Don’t be afraid to fail , Be afraid to remain the same .

7. sometimes following your heart means losing your mind.

8. This too , shall pass .

9. If you never failed , you never tried anything new .

10. You are confined only by the walls too build yourself .

11. Fools take a knife and stab people in the back . The wise take a knife , cut and set themselves free from the fools .

12. Work save travel repeat .

13. Here’s to strong women . May we know them . may we raise them .

14. All the world is full of suffering . It is also full of overcoming .

15. Don’t count the days . Make the days count.

16. May you receive what you have been praying for .

17. Never let small minds tell you that your dreams are too big .

18. Thank god for the 1-2 friend that actually care about me and check on me , you guys know who you are . you’re a blessing i swear .

19. Train your mind to be calm in every situation .

20. No matter how long it takes keep going .

21. I don’t need easy i just need possible .

22. Winners always find a way to win .

23. One day you’ll laugh at the problems you have today .

24. Find an way not an excuse.

25. It is in that quiet place at our cener that we hear the whispress of our soul.

26. All of us do not have equal talent . But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talent .

27. Every CEO started as a worker .

28. Patience is power .

29. I can and i will watch me !..

30. The tiger and the lion may be more powerful but the wolf does not perform in the circus .

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